Washable oversize market tote bag

I have always had an affinity for minimalist things that are crafted from beautiful fabrics.  If you have ever taken a gander at my etsy shop you would know this basically sums up my entire aesthetic. 

When it comes to bags I usually go for a mid size cross body made of worn leather. Bucket bags are my ultimate weakness. But sometimes life calls for a bag that is more function than form. Something practical for toting groceries, beach stuff, travel necessities or diaper bag contents. Nothing fancy or flashy, just big basic and beautiful.

Lately, I have been seeing these perfect oversize linen totes all over Pinterest and am loving how simple and clean they look.  They are a great size for hauling all your things and have the added bonus of being washable…a definite plus in covid times.

Working with linen a lot in my shop, I always have odd size pieces left over that wont quite work for a garment and decided to create my own linen tote.  It turned out perfect and now I have Christmas presents planned for some of the ladies in my life. 

This is a super easy beginner sewing project.  If you’re just dipping your toes in the waters of sewing, this one’s for you!  You can grab some oatmeal linen like I used at a great price here. Or if you’re a thrifty person, check out your local thrift shop for fabric. I have made many a successful project out of old cotton bed sheets!

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Let me know if you tried this and if you love your new tote, or even better, take a pic and tag me @home-made-mom on IG or pin it on pinterest!