How to calculate the numerology of your address and what it means for you

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Just a quick disclaimer, things are going to get a bit woo today so if that’s not your thing, I’ll be back more frequently with delicious gluten and grain free recipes and my favorite holistic health tips and life hacks.

I have been gone from the blog from almost two months and I know… that’s too long. I’m sorry.

The end of summer this year was filled with major change and it has taken me some time to feel settled.  I’m the kind of person who needs to feel grounded to be creative and productive.

We sold our house in July, almost bought a new one, had our house sale fall apart, lost the house we offered on, had everything that could possibly break in our old house break, sold our house again, bought a new house, sat on pins and needles for two weeks waiting for everything to close and now….here I sit on the other side of it all looking out at my new garden, albeit a snow covered one.

From this side I can say everything was worth it, but it has taken me until now to actually feel like writing for the blog or working in my etsy shop.

Over the summer I wrote a blog post about how everything works out for a reason. Initially I thought things would ‘work out’ that we would sell our house to the very first viewer for full asking price and laugh all the way to the bank. Truthfully, the selling process was incredibly drawn out, stressful and at times demoralizing. We also did not end up anywhere near full asking price and probably showed the home to at least a hundred viewers, many of whom didn’t even bother to walk through the front doors because they didn’t like the location.

We also lost the first house we offered on. The one I had mentally redecorated and casually driven past multiple times ‘on the way’ to various places. (It was on a cul d sac and truly not on the way to anything.) But now we are in a different house, and everyday I wake up grateful that we somehow arrived here.

On paper, this house would not be my first choice, a four-level split with everything original, but the feeling inside this space is something special. It came fresh from original owners who lived here 44 years and took meticulous care of the property, they didn’t die or divorce but instead are happily retiring, so they left it filled with positive vibes and love. It comes with a huge light filled sunroom, an amazing garden, and is a perfect blank canvas for us to put our stamp on. We will be doing a full kitchen reno so that I can get busy making some healthy recipes in a beautiful, clean, functional space.

From a practical standpoint, this house is only five blocks from our old one, so our kids can still walk to school and hang with their neighbourhood friends (the other house would have moved us across a major highway). It also made our DIY move slightly easier, because my husband decided we didn’t need movers with two adults and a pick up truck. Let me just say, I’m still recovering.

Finally, for the woo people, this house has a great house number, and I have found it so relevant that our last house, a 13/4, came with so many issues. Now we have a 6, and it feels so much lighter, happier and filled with potential.

As a bit of a woo girl myself, I know my enneagram, my sun, moon and rising signs, and how to do a proper smudge.  I also believe homes often choose the person and that every house comes with a unique energy, a combination of its previous ownership, physical location, layout and design, and of course, house number. Learning about it all, I’ve observed patterns in friends who live at certain house addresses. For example, all my friends with 8’s are rolling in the dough, while I know two couples who have separated while in a 14 house.

I do somewhat take the woo with a grain of salt, but when you’re on a healing journey you quickly get an open mind about how as energetic beings, we are affected by all the energies around us, and yes, numbers too carry distinct energy.

So, if you are wondering what kind of energy comes with your abode, read on.

The way to calculate your house number numerology is to add all digits until they reduce down to a single number. It is also important to note that your house number is more important than your street number so only include the actual number posted on your home in your calculations.

Example: House 68 19th ave would simply be calculated as 6+8 = 14 and then you would add the digits of 14 together to produce a single digit ( 1+4 = 5.)

There are also Karmic debt numbers to consider, these are 13, 14, 16, and 19. These numbers often come with heavy karma attached and can have tough oppressive energy to live with (I would know).

And finally there are master numbers, these are 11, 22, and 33. They carry a stronger vibration of their sum and contain greater potential for growth as well as greater challenges and upheavals.

Some people from Asian cultures don’t like homes with the number 4, this is not real numerology but a preference born of the fact that the number 4 in Cantonese sounds very similar to the word death.

In true numerology, 4’s are grounding numbers with slow heavy vibrations. They do not cause instant death and can be good or bad depending on what you are hoping to achieve in your life. Avoiding any 4’s in an address is unnecessary, especially if the sum of that address is a positive numerology number for you.

If your head is not already spinning with numbers here is a list of numbers and their unique meanings.

1 | The solopreneur house
This is a great space for those seeking independence and freedom. It’s a wonderful house number for people who are self employed and work alone. Self starters thrive here. People in this home operate on their own agenda, as a result, it is not the most ideal environment for couples without a strong foundation, or single people who want noting more than to couple up.
It has very self focused energy and at its worst, occupants can become isolated and lonely. At its best, this is a home perfect for new beginnings in business and offers infinite possibility.

2 | The lovers house
This is a place that brings occupants closer together, and helps single people living here to attract a partner. This is a wonderful home to start a family, get hitched and settle down. People in this home find themselves focused on partnerships. It is a home that has all the warm fuzzies but can trigger deep emotions leading to emotionally charged arguments. It can also create feelings of neediness and codependence.
At it’s worst, this is a tough place to launch a business and really take off in the material world. The weight of relationships can become overwhelming here. At it’s best this is an ideal home for families, new couples and love, it can be a place of balance and harmony.

3 | The inventors house
This is super high energy home bursting with creativity and ideas. A perfect place for artists and innovators and it has an upbeat, positive energy. This home will be filled with laughter and fun and is a great home for entertaining, which is super common in a three. Unfortunately, the surplus of ideas can sometimes lead to a lack of follow through, it can also create big highs and lows. People can feel a bit scattered here. Money can come and go quickly in a 3 home.
At it’s worst it can be disorganised, and the ups and downs can be tough on children. At its best it’s an awesome place to get your creative juices flowing, create a start up and have fun doing it.

4 | The turtle house
Slow and steady wins the race. This home carries a strong steady vibration and can lend itself to high achievement, however that achievement does not come fast here. This home is a perfect place to set and achieve goals, but be prepared to put in lots of hours to reach that achievement. This is a home where you will sew your seeds and watch them take root, but don’t expect a tree to grow overnight.
At it’s best this home has a strong grounding vibration and can help people get on track and move towards focused goals. A four can be a great space for someone with ADD who needs more focus. At it’s worst this home can feel boring, stagnant and even oppressive.
If you live in a 13/4 you live in a karmic debt house and will likely feel even more overloaded with work than a typical 4 occupant. It is also a house where everything seems to break and repairs are endless.

5 | The swingers house
Do you like to party? Five is the house for you. This is a house full of surprise and freedom. Expect the unexpected here. It’s a fun house for adventure seekers and those who love to travel. It’s occupants often keep themselves super busy outside of the home and it may not be a permanent residence. A five would be a great cabin or a second rental home, regardless, people tend to come and go quickly in a 5.
At it’s best it’s a great place to party and have fun. At it’s worst it can carry an unsettled energy and be an especially tough environment for those prone to sexual temptation, excess and addiction.
If you live in a 14/5 house your karmic debt house can be an especially tough place to get along with others and not a great environment for children. The energy here may feel particularly unsettled and it can trigger new fears and anxiety.

6 | The family home
Like a two, this home can be an excellent place for families, but comes with less codependency and charged emotions. It is a peaceful place. Animals children and plants thrive in a six. It may come with a beautiful garden and the energy in a six home is extremely healing and nurturing. It can be a wonderful home for growth, related to money and business, especially in service based professions, but family will always come first here.
At it’s worst, a six can come with lots of family responsibility and occupants can become overwhelmed by it all and find themselves on the backburner taking care of everyone else. They can also get so comfy in their home they never want to leave and end up isolating themselves. At it’s best, a six is the perfect number to raise a family, grow a garden, and heal.

7 | The illuminated home
This is the home of privacy and secrets. It is a great place for spiritual seekers who are not at all focused on growth in the material realm. This can be a wonderful place for artists, psychics and those pursuing higher education as there will be plenty of time here to be alone to study and expand ones mind. Water features can help the energy here feel less stagnant.
At it’s worst this home can be isolating and is not at all the ideal place for a money focused business start up (though a home based psychic or reiki master may love it here). At it’s best this can be a great place to meditate, spend time in solitude and have a spiritual awakening.
If you live in a karmic 16/7 you may find yourself ultra isolated and even be prone to deep depression and sadness in this number.

8 | The money home
If financial abundance is your main focus, an eight is your place. Living here can provide a hearty boost of ambition and motivation leading to great success in the material realm. The opposite of a 4 house, 8 homes are specifically desired by many Asian cultures and it is not unusual for 8’s to sell at a premium in areas with a large Asian population. An eight home can be tough for addicts as it leads to always wanting more and can trigger addictive behaviours.
At it’s worst, an eight house can feel a bit soulless and superficial. Owners may neglect their spiritual sides in favor of only seeking more and more in the material realm. It can worsen addictions including shopaholics, workaholics, alcoholics, drug addicts, sex addicts and those prone to O.C.D. and perfectionism. At it’s best, an 8 is the perfect place to start a business and rapidly grow it into something huge. If material success is your ultimate goal in life there is no better number than an eight.

9 | The humanitarian home
A nine is a number of completion. It is often a number people settle into for the long haul, great for older couples and young families. It is a welcoming space filled with love and compassion and humanitarians thrive here. As a result, it may be the kind of place where you are always the one hosting and where your social circle feels so welcome, guests just randomly pop in. This can make it tough for those seeking solitude. It can also be a hard place to truly forge ahead as nine is a number that more commonly marks the end of a journey than the beginning.  If you have already made your fortune and want to live out the remainder of your life in service a nine would be a beautiful place to do so.
At it’s worst a nine can bring losses and endings. It is more of a place to share the wealth than to accumulate it. At it’s best a nine is a home filled with warmth, love and a nurturing energy.
If you live in a karmic 18/9 home losses can be especially common and more challenging to overcome.

I think I got especially wrapped up in learning about the energy of house numbers after a girlfriend pointed out to me that my disastrous karmic 13 house could have been the source of endless home repairs and a burdensome workload. While searching for our new home (the six) I definitely had a few numbers in mind that I favored. And while I would never be silly enough to pass up a truly great home just based on house numbers, I did find myself less enthusiastic about viewing those homes with karmic debt.

I also learned that if you hate your house number and want to change it, most jurisdictions will allow a number change for a fee of around $1000, as long as the number makes sense in sequence with the surrounding addresses.

For those of us who don’t put enough weight on numerology to justify a $1000 spend, I learned another trick that I implemented in my old house. I simply put another house number on the inside of the wall in an effort to shift entire numerological vibration of the home. It seemingly worked, because the string of disasters stopped and we were able to close on the place shortly after doing so.

If are not crazy about your home address, try it out. For example, if you live in a 4 but want a 6 just go to the local hardware store and find a 2 in a similar size and color to the address displayed outside your home. Hang it on the inside of your house somewhere near or directly behind where the outer address is displayed and, voila! Enjoy your homes new energy.

What do you think?  Is the description of your home address numerology accurate? If you could chose your house address based on numerology alone which number would you chose?

If you or anyone close to you is in the process of looking for a new home, go ahead and share this with them. Maybe you can save them from the mistake I made of buying a 13 and having to make every single possible repair a homeowner could imagine in the five years I lived there!