Vintage collection 01

Im going to start posting my vintage collections on the blog as I list them in my Etsy shop because I. LOVE. VINTAGE!

I’ve been picking and selling vintage online since before it was cool. Seriously, it’s been a very long time. I have watched empires be built on picking vintage all around me, but for some reason I never really took it very seriously for myself. It was always something fun I did in my free time, my side hustle…my stress reliever.

For the longest times I listened to the opinions of others and kept my ‘normal job’ so I could feel like a respectable member of society but my head was always dreaming up new designs and my heart was trapped somewhere in a small town thrift store.

Now I’m old enough to no longer care what society thinks of me. I thrift when my heart desires, and turn those designs in my brain into tangible items that I can feel in my hands and wrap around my body. I love that I do something that is creative, joyful and good for the planet. I am staying true to my heart and doing so in an ethical way.

The pieces I pick for the shop are the kinds of minimalist items that were just as cool years ago as they are today. They are the pieces that quite simply, I would want for myself. I no longer get caught up on an items age or era, but instead search for quality fabrics and classic designs.

Silk, linen, time softened denim and leather can be found in my shop in abundance. My color palette is fairly neutral… and I love a great boot. Seriously shoes of all kinds are my *ahem* Achilles heel.

If you are in the market for some timeless vintage pieces that are made of lovely natural fabrics, come check it out. I’m currently running an end of summer vintage sale… 10% off any order over $100 with coupon code TAKE10 and 20% off any order over $200 with coupon code TAKE20.

Choosing vintage is the best choice you can make for the environment, it’s also really fun to own pieces that are a bit unique and special. Next time you’re in the market for some new duds, before you hit the mall, try your local thrift store or let someone else do the heavy lifting for you and hit up an online marketplace!

Spring Summer 2020 handmade mini collection

I wrestled for a long time about whether I should include a look book section here on the blog. If asked to choose between my two passions; healthy living, or sustainable fashion… I honestly could not. They are both such intrinsic components of me. I know those of you who read the blog are primarily here for the recipes, but running my Etsy shop has become such a huge part of who I am, and including the occasional look book post has inevitably won out.

A big part of the reason I recently changed the blog name from “The Wild Sage” to “Home Made Mom” is because I wanted this to be a place to share all the things I make at home, and hopefully to inspire other creative mommas to start their own home made businesses, whatever that may look like. We live in such a unique time, having the internet allows us to truly lean into our souls purpose and create money out of our passions. I know moms who are coaches, photographers, jam makers, jewelry designers, freelance writers, and the creators of natural skin care products. They all have very different looking days but they share a common thread in that they have created wonderful home based careers for themselves. Even just 20 years ago many of these jobs would not have been possible and women would have to make the tough choice between working outside of the home or not working at all. In today’s world, I believe moms truly can have it all

Running my shop has been a creatively liberating endeavor. It has allowed me to earn consistent ‘side hustle’ money while being able to work fewer hours outside of the home. I have used my Etsy money to buy a car, put a down payment on a house, get my kids into whatever lessons they desire, and save for retirement. It has improved my marriage and has given me a purpose in life outside of the completely different, yet profound purpose I have discovered in motherhood. And while my business is no where near where I hope to one day take it, I’d say it’s a good start. After all, life is about the journey.

When I was a little girl I would spend hours hand sewing clothes out of scrap fabrics for my dolls. As I got older, I began creating items for myself. Sometimes the items were good, sometimes they were terrible, but regardless, I would wear them proudly knowing they were made with my own two hands.

In my early 20’s I began to hit up thrift stores for vintage that I could sell in my Etsy shop and started to dip my toes into the waters of up-cycling. By my late 20s I was using the moments between child rearing and working in a salon to deconstruct vintage garments and piece them back together like a puzzle. I taught myself how various silhouettes were constructed, and honed in on my personal aesthetic, minimalist timeless pieces made of natural and sustainable materials.

In my early 30s I started to figure out pattern drafting, and could finally take the designs floating around in my head and convert them into 3D wearable garments. And recently my mini collection was born. My aim was to create simple, beautiful pieces that can integrate into my vintage shop and give my buyers more options that stay true to my mission of sustainability and timeless minimalism. Because having a million fabric choices is v expensive,all of my designs are currently constructed with raw silk or natural linen. I also thrift for lovely vintage fabrics that I know will carry off my patterns well. As I grow, I hope to expand into different colors and have a more professional looking shop but again, everything worth doing takes time, and building any sort of a business while being a mom takes even more time AMIRIGHT?!

If you are a lover of vintage or ethical slow fashion, check out my Etsy shop. And if you’re a home made mom I’d love to hear more about your hustle(s) and dream hustles in the comments.

If you’re in the market for some sustainable clothing I am currently running a promotion in the shop, take 10% off any order over $100 with coupon code TAKE10 and 20% off any order over $200 with coupon code TAKE20. And please feel free to share the code with any of your slow fashion loving friends.